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Africa was there and flourishing before slave trade and colonialism

African history before slavery was just an amazing, with full of admirable culture, scientific innovations and some of the world’s puzzled architectures.

Why school failed to tell us about the richest man in history Mansa Musa? Why didn’t they told us about the world’s largest  man-made structure in the world, Benin Wall?

African continent is now recognized as the birth place for humanity and the cradle of civilization. There is so much achievements of Kemet or rather ancient Egypt. African civilization can be dated as early as 5000 years ago. Even before the rise of Kemet, there was even more ancient kingdom, known as Ta Seti, existed in today known as Nubia in Sudan. This maybe the earliest place to exist on earth. Africa can be credited not only with many scientific developments associated with Egypt, engineering, mathematics, architecture, medicine etc, but also with early well established political systems such as state formation and monarchy. It can be clearly demonstrated that economic, political and scientific development during early this period, perhaps was more advanced in Africa more than any other part in the world.

The African continent fluorished and continued it’s own path of development without any external intervention until the fifteenth century. Some of other world’s great civilizations were Kush, Axum, Mali and Great Zimbabwe. These civilizations flourished in Africa before 1500. Africans participated in extensively international trading activities and also trans-oceanic travel. Some African states established important trading relations with India, China and other parts of Asia long before the eventual disruption by European interventions.

In West Africa in particular, it was gold from the great empires such as Ghana, Mali and Songhai, which led voyages of the early European explorers to economically take off the West Africa in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Indeed by the 15th century, African continent was already one of the greatest in terms of diversity. The existence of great kingdoms and empires, such as Mali in the west and Ethiopia in the east were exceptional. No major centralized government existed in Africa continent, many people lived generally more democratic systems by council of elders and other kinships based age sets. Consequently there was religious diversity and philosophical beliefs. Islam begun to play a significant role before 1500. African societies were following their own patterns of development before the onset of European interventions.

There was notable racist views against Africa by for example Scottish philosopher David Hume : “I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the whites. There scarcely ever was a civilized nation of that complexion, nor even any individual, eminent either in action or in speculation. No ingenious manufacture among them, no arts, no sciences.” In the 19th century, the German philosopher Hegel simply said; “Africa is no historical part of the world.” As recently as 1963 Hugh Trevor Roper, Regius professor of History at Oxford University, expressed openly the racist view that Africa has no history.

History actually begun here, all the earliest evidence of human existence and our immediate hominid ancestors has been found here in Africa.

Nobody from outside Africa would ever acknowledge the fact that Africa contributed anything in this world in terms of civilization, especially those that are not sorry for the slavery. We are being discouraged from learning our own real history. When you point out to African massacres by Europeans ,we are being told; “forgive and forget.” These are the same people who are making everybody to know what Hitler did to Jews.

It is clear that Kemet and Nubia were neighbouring African Civilizations just as Aksum and Nubia. Difference doesn’t mean Nubia was a ‘Black race ‘ and Kemet wasn’t. Both groups were ethnic groups of indegenous African origin. The largest empire in ancient African history was the Songhai Empire with its iconic leader Askia.

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