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Emergency Alert on Humanitarian Crisis and the Need for UN Intervention to West Papua Now

Emergency Alert on Humanitarian Crisis and the Need for UN Intervention to West Papua Now

Since the 19th August anti-racism protest in West Papua there continues to be increase escalation of the military and police violence against civilians particularly against the indigenous West Papuans students, youths, women and men.
On the 17th of September the Civil Society Coalition- Papua for All (Ko Masi Papua) reported on the increased arbitrary arrests of 99 named suspects: 39 people in Jayapura, 8 people in Timika Regency, 16 people in Deiyai Regency, 19 people in Manokwari Regency, 14 in Sorong City and 3 people in Fakfak Regency.

On the 23rd of September in Jayapura about 733 exodus students from Java were arrested because of their peaceful protest against racism, at least four students were killed. According to Jubi the local newspaper in West Papua they reported that 727 students were released the next day however 6 students are still being locked up at the Brimob Headquarters in Jayapura.

On the same day (23rd of September) High School students of Wamena organised a peaceful protest against the act of racism by one of their school teacher. The students marched to the head of the Regency office where the Police and Military attacked them with gunshots and tear gas resulting in 33 civilians including students were killed and some were burned alive. It is unclear how many more victims were killed in Wamena and this is because the access of communication and transportation were closed down.

The latest update on the number of deaths in West Papua reported by SBS news on 25th September recorded that 32 West Papuans have died.

According to the local media Wartaplus the local Chief Police of Wamena AKBP Tony Ananda stated that the total join force of police and military in Wamena is 1,500 officers. It is being reported by our sources from the ground that the military has organised an evacuation of non-Papuans from Wamena and from districts near Wamena since 24th of September and continues as we release this Alert. At least two Hercules planes and one CN235 plane have been used for the evacuation and flies 3 times a day and according to a district military commander Letkol Candra Dianto at least 5,000 Non-Papuans are at the Military Headquarters being evacuated to Jayapura and more-over the Guardian news reported on 28th September 2019 that “Thousands of migrants are fleeing the city, they want to be evacuated and they are being facilitated by the government, but Papuans are also terrified. They are thinking, ‘if the government is so quick to help settlers leave, what is being planned after that?’ There is currently uncertainty.

West Papuans having seen the high military presences and the quick evacuation of non-Papuans are fearful for their lives and security. The West Papuans are terrified and worried of the recurrence of the year 2000 Wamena bloodshed. In the year 2001 the Humans Rights Watch reported that in the year 2000 ‘Many Papuans have described the police tactics in Wamena, in particular the police decision to shoot at the mob from amidst the homes of migrants, as a deliberate provocation aimed at inducing Papuans to clash with the settlers.”
The current pattern of evacuation and military deployment in Wamena is being linked back to the year 2000 bloodshed and this has been confirmed by the district military commander Letkol Candra Dianto on his statement on the Indonesian National Media Kompas on 27th September 2019 whereby he says “this current situation create the same fear and trauma that was experienced by the people in the year 2000.”

The Guardian stated that “A leaked police memo, sent from the Papua police chief to his deputy and other officials, urges police and military to prepare weapons and ammunition “where they can be easily accessed” and warns non-Papuans to be vigilant and “stay temporarily in a safe place”.

Our sources confirms that a memo has being circulated on social media amongst the West Papuans on the evacuation plans of the military and two Indonesia media; Tempo and Detiknews have confirmed this military organised evacuations.

We the Youngsolwara Pacific carry the same urgent call from the people of West Papua who have predicted that if no immediate action and intervention is taken in Wamena, West Papua then our silence has contributed to the lost of their lives.

We again reiterate the call by our Pacific Islands Leaders during their Forum Leaders meeting in Tuvalu in August 2019 for an immediate intervention by the United Nations and a visit by the Human Rights Commissioner to West Papua.

We call on the People of Oceania to immediately take action on this Alert by responding to the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua.

Some of the Actions
Push your Government to raise this urgent human rights situation in West Papua to the Indonesian Government
Call on Indonesia to stop the military deployment and violent action against West Papua
Protest in-front of the Indonesian Embassy in your country to allow the United Nations Human Rights Commission to visit West Papua and specifically Wamena
Any form of Action that would bring immediate attention from your government and the general public in your Country.

Signed by:

Youngsolwara Pacific

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