I was imagining how poor Africans who wish to travel to Europe by boats for economic reason could’ve afforded such expensive boats and lifesavers. Then I thought of human trafficking cartels, human trafficking, just like drugs cartels, are all lucrative businesses. According to an ordinary African, such boats are expensive compared to the living standards in the region.

Where do Africans get the nerve to demonstrate in Italy but not in Africa?

Italy has been a major destination for these so called economic immigrants from Africa. This has resulted to the emergence of Matteo Salvin and other right wing political parties in Italy and the rest of Europe.

During scramble and partition for Africa, many Europeans arrived in Africa as what the elites and history editors fail to acknowledge, the Economic immigrants. Why were they economic immigrants? though it was different from today’s African immigrations to Europe, Europeans came to exploit Africa and the people for non other than the economic reason. With economic reason, came other reasons.

At no point am I  supporting immigrations to Europe, legally or illegally, because I’m convinced that Africa’s problems needs Africa’s solutions. Who will develop Africa when the potential people run away from the problems? Don’t you think this is among the reasons we are governed by mental disabled people?

Tony Iwobi, Italy’s first elected black senator, thinks that Europe should invest in Africa and assist Africa in developments so as to encounter African youths from coming to Europe. He was elected last year as part of a surge in support for the right-wing Lega (League) party, which formed a year-long coalition with the populist Five Star Movement. Now out of power, the League is still Italy’s most popular party with 33% in the latest polls. It is known for its tough stance on migration.

Iwobi, who immigrated to Italy in 70s on student visa at the time when Italy was enjoying high rate of economic growth, believes that his party is not a racist party and denies claims that he is being used by white Italians to fight African immigration to Italy. He maintained that anybody is allowed to Italy when he or she follows legal channels.

Legal procedure is not forthcoming to most Africans. In Italy’s consulates in Africa for example, people like Iwobi and Italians knows exactly being an ordinary African, you don’t stand a chance of even to be granted student visa or vacation visa or even to meet an ambassador based in that country let alone migrating to Italy. These people knows LEGAL in becoming Italian residence means next to impossible. The Italian embassy in Nairobi for example, have the following qualifications for any ordinary Kenyans to get visa ;

  1. Firstly, your skin color.
  2. Your bank account.
  3. You prove you’re not desperate.
  4. You prove you’re capable of sustaining you’re self during the period of your stay.
  5. You certify when you’re going to leave the territory.

Despite being ‘good’, these people knows exactly no ordinary person in Africa can afford such demanding and expensive procedures. These rules were specifically designed for poor Africans who dream and wish to be in Europe. No. 1, though not clearly defined, skin is foremost main judgement on whether to peruse on to the next papers or not. Why? Black race is associated with poverty, desperate and begging nature, let us be honest. We demean ourselves by begging attitudes starting from our politicians. Whenever we see a white man, we see money, grants and aids, all of them money. Giving ways to white superiority. No. 2, where the hell do people, especially those who makes dangerous journey to Italy by boat, can afford to have more than and not less than £ 5,000 in their banks accounts?

It’s clear you’re not allowed in Europe if you’re poor. It’s against the European laws to dream and go to Europe while you’re poor from Africa. 

It’s high time we Africans stand up and show our worthy in global stage, not by speech but by what we see as the right track of transforming Africa, whether we face opposition from both sides of East or West we follow that path, our own beliefs. Remember the people who criticise the economic aspects other people in different geographical location are about to take, they have their own interests to safeguard, we are past other people’s interests. We must do it in our own way.



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