United States of Africa Project President H.E Daniel Mwambonu
Appoints Evandra Catherine PHD as the Official Ambassador for United States of Africa in the United States.

United States of Africa Project President Mr. Daniel Mwambonu
Appoints Ms Evandra Catherine PHD as the Official Ambassador for United States of Africa in the United States.

This appointment was first announced via United States of Africa page which has over 124,000 followers on 11th December 2019 and marks a new beginning to new Africa-US relations based on mutual respect and benefit to both nations.

Due to Berlin Conference Africa has had a leadership void and there is no leadership at continental level to engage with United States regarding issues affecting Africa as a nation.

United States of Africa project was inspired by Marcus Garvey and a series of Yali meetings Mr Daniel Mwambonu attended at US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.
Since then the idea has grown and made a global impact bringing together people of African descent from over 70 countries worldwide.

Dr. Evandra Catherine is a postdoctoral research scholar at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on coaching preschool teachers to use of supportive emotion-related responses to negative emotion expressions of Black boys. Additionally, her research focuses on inequities in the implementation of exclusionary discipline practices and the educational placement of preschool-aged children at-risk for disabilities or developmental delays, with an emphasis on Black boys. Evandra is the mother to a son with Aspergers’ and a United States Air Force Veteran. She was also a House of Delegates candidate in Virginia’s 2013 democratic primary and was awarded Top 40 Under 40 in Richmond, Virginia in 2015. She holds a B.A. in African American Studies, Master of Public Administration, and Ph.D. in Special Education Policy from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Ms Evandra is an intellectual giant and a powerful educator.
She has demonstrated extreme devotion to bring African Americans together and provide leadership that has been missing for decades.
Ms Evandra will work to provide solutions to problems affecting the black community in United States and promote US-Africa relations.

As a United States of Africa Permanent Representative Her Mandate is:

  1. Bridging the gap between United States and Africa
  2. Encourage and Promote mutual beneficial cooperation between United States and Africa
  3. Be a Brand Ambassador for Africa in United States
  4. Help end Disinformation and misconceptions about Africa in America.
  5. Promote Racial Justice,Equality and Human Rights of African descendants in United States.
  6. Promote Youth Leadership
  7. Women Empowerment
  8. Children Rights and Wellness
    Promote Education
  9. Gender Equality
  10. Encourage African Americans to reconnect with their roots and Embrace Year of Return.

We urge United States to provide her with all the assistance she needs for this important Mission.

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