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    Since 1963, more than 22 African presidents, then in power, have been assassinated by France, many of them asserted their independence and refused to

The Chief Justice of South AfricaMogoeng Mogoeng explains why in the midst of Plenty Africa is Poor. “Let us zero in into the problems of Africa: The Illicit

One Africa for us and one Africa for allBy: Ayuba Muhammad One Africa for us and one Africa for all. But what annoys me is an average African youths who are not

By Ayuba Muhammad Some of us had heard a lot of a good painted systems of leadership from the various founding fathers of Africa. The likes of Osagyfo Dr. Kwame

The Modern African Youths By: Ayuba Muhammad We the modern day African youths did not face any physical antecedents of colonisation or colonialism. But rather we

Daughters of Africa By Hama Jaiteh -O Africa! -You have always been a surrogate mother! -But your motherhood has never been recognised by the ungrateful father!

By Jogjakarta AfricaMyStory His songs were the inspiration behind the foundation of “Black Brothers” after he was killed by the Indonesians on April 26th ,

  Written By: Badaru Basiru AfricaMyStory What is often neglected in times of calm could willingly be opted for in times of trouble. The point in history at

  Our ancestors were well aware of the dangers of neocolonialism. During the 1974 Pan-African Congress, Black leaders from around the world affirmed the following:

By Awine Theresa Atule Sitting in Berlin in the year 1884 through to 1885, Britain, France and Germany and other western nations portioned Africa mainly for their

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