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By Leonard Chakupewa Twin Chaks Jr.
Bujumbura, Burundi
12th April, 2020.
7:10 a.m CAT

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Chinese President Xi Jin Ping.

It’s been weeks, since the breaking of news about inhuman treatment of Africans in the land of people who for decades, had been friends to Africa. Honestly, at the beginning I didn’t consider the case serious, the reason why I just read or watch videos about the subject silently. Couldn’t speak anything because still I couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe that in this age of great human integration, in this era of so many sensible fights, there’s still people with old South Africa’s ‘apartheid related’ mental disease. China and Chinese have proved it.

China, a country well developed in all terms and manners, to speak, after the successful battle of ‘controversial pandemic’, COVID-19, few weeks ago launched a new phase of ‘battle’, this time against their fellow humans.

Videos of African people sleeping along the roads, under the trees, open spaces, walking in cold weather helplessly keep trending on social media, creating a cloud of doubt and fracture to the many decades-long relationship between our continent and that Far East country.

We, especially young generation of this continent, want to remind China that we know how many of them are in Africa, doing investment and life peacefully as if they’re on the land of their own. We know about Confusianism program you run in nearly all our universities. We know to what extent you depend on us for market of your products and services.

We know how gravely you need us in terms of resources, both human and materially. We know about your presence in Africa and your activities. We know very well, that some of you are abusive to our very own people, on our very own land many times. It happened downtown Nairobi, Kenya, few months ago when two of your citizens punished severely one of our brothers for coming late at workplace, as if Kenya has no discipline committees, legal instruments or labor courts to handle such cases. We know how some of your ‘engineer’ citizens engage in abusive sex with our sisters all over Africa, and then abandon or deny their very own blood, children. We certainly know about all that.

As well, we want to make it clear that, these politicians especially who are in governments you think back you up are just ‘microscopic’ out of general population all over the continent. Statistically, young generation makes up to 60% of the people in almost all countries. Despite their direct command and mega influence on military and security apparatus, there’s no way whatsoever, the ‘microscopic’ class can prevent the tide of our rising against YOU, if we decide to. African armies may consist of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions in some countries, we know that but, they never equal the number of civilians, young people in particular. If you think you have complete control on Africa, maybe it’s time to make a ‘paradigm shift’ because we, the mass, don’t buy it that way.

Africa as a mother, isn’t pleased with humiliation of her very own people in China. We want that nonsense to stop ASAP! This is a world of integration. How can it be possible that in this era of rapid integrating and changing, you keep practicing stupid and embarrassing behaviors against foreigners? Kicking them out of your houses for persecution and embicility? If you don’t want our people come to your country, shut all your international student programs, or be specific on the kind of countries, continents or nationals allowed to your territory. It’s disgusting and unacceptable, and it has to stop immediately.

If you think we are muscle-less, keep abusing our people on your land and see what happens to yours own on our continent. Enough is enough! We’ll show and prove it to you that Africans aren’t fools anymore. We may have our economic and other sectoral challenges but, we ain’t that foolish to injustice!

I, for one, am ready and 100% loaded to organize a campaign of dealing with your people ‘more than’ you do to ours over there, if the present madness doesn’t stop. We can’t tolerate bulshit, just because we are friends.

As far as humanity is concerned, friendship is about helping and protecting each other, is about loving and welcoming one another. Is about offering and supporting each other. Is that what ‘friendship’ means to you? Torturing our people and keep calling us friends? Isn’t that what constitutes enmity between people? How do you expect us to be happy with hearing or seeing our people sleeping in the streets in a country they entered and live or study legally? What’s use of travel documents or work or studying permits to our people, if persecution and racism seem the nobility of the indigenous?

We are not ashamed of being Africans and will NEVER. Africanism is our identity, our pride, our base, our root, our destiny, our essence of life-our everything. It will remain that way always.There’s no people without identity. That’s why you come to our continent and cooperate with us in education, by establishing your Chinese-related programs which we long ago agreed to incorporate in our syllabus, though our languages and culture are not part of your syllabus back in China. Think we don’t know about such unequality huh? Wrong you are. We know your purpose behind that ‘program’ We do and, the barbarism acts against our people there are triggering us to ‘rethink’ about the cooperation.

I know as well, that Chinese government few days ago ‘smoothed’ the situation by claiming that Africa and the country are still in good terms. That Africa and the country had been in a ‘friendship’ relationship for decades, tracing back in 20th century, during Chairman Mao ‘s regime. All that is true but, the friendship flourishing will greatly be determined by the attitude you have on our people.

Let it be known to the world that continuance of abuse to our people in China will put ‘our friendship’ in jeopardy. We cannot keep befriending people who are contented with mistreating our people for senseless reasons.

Imagine someone being kicked off the house for being black, or for allegations that they spread Corona virus! Did Corona start in Africa? Weren’t you, who on 31st December 2019, reported to the WHO and whole world about the disease, calling it ‘pneumonia of the unknown nature’ for the first time? What the hell Africa and Africans have to do with disease that started on your very own land? Isn’t that itself madness of unknown nature? “Economically developed and morally regressing”, that’s what one can describe China and Chinese now!

It’s sickening, shameful, senseless and stupid. It must be put on halt immediately, before the situation slips out of hand. Bleeding, yelling and torturing of our people in China don’t carry, translate or represent the moral nature of mutual friendship whatsoever.

We appeal to the Chinese government to act with morals and mannerism to our people, be it students, employees in different corporations and institutions, businessmen and women and whoever else steps in the country for whatever legally-conducted purpose. We want objective responsibility, not just sweet rhetoric on the media while on ground, things remaining the same. If racism isn’t part of Chinese civilization, PROVE IT TO US BY BEING FIRM ON THOSE FEW ‘BACKWARD’ INDIGENOUS, WHO ABUSE OUR PEOPLE EVERYDAY. Failure to do so, will prove us right, that racism is a systematic ‘norm’ of the government and country in general.

We are humans with sense and sanity, and are very keen on our people’s lives out there. If you choose to act in favor of your citizens, letting abusive acts continue on our people there, I assure you that things will be different with your people in Africa. If you think Xenophobia is mythical, then continue abusing our people there and see what happens.


I, the Angry African.

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