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Africa still under the Shackles of Neocolonialism: We are Not Free

By Daniel Mwambonu

They bled Africa during Colonization and Scramble for Africa but they are doing it again in Post Colonial Africa.
Striping Africa off its natural resources and convincing Africans they can’t mine and process their own minerals but can only provide labour for their own exploitation
Africans been reduced to beggars yet our motherland so rich.
Stealing Natural resources that Africa Needs for Industrialization is the Greatest Fraud the West and East are doing.
Africa is being Exploited in Many Ways and these are major ways:

1.Natural Resources

Looting of African natural resources by Multinational companies

2. Land
Many Foreign Investors and Governments are using their financial power to buy African land and exploit our wealth through crazy leasing deals.

3. Foreign Military Bases in Africa
The presence of foreign military Bases is mainly to protect the ongoing exploitation of Africa and destabilise African nations through introduction of terrorist groups backed by these foreign troops.
Terrorism in Africa has risen proportionately with the increase in foreign military Bases in Africa.
Western Military interventions has not contributed to more safely for Africans but instead it has made once peaceful nations war zones.
Take for example Libya which under Gaddafi’s leadership it had a very advanced economy backed by its own natural resources.
Africa must open its eyes wide and see the danger these foreign military Bases pose to Africa’s national security.

4. Political Domination
Constant political interference by Foreign nations in African national affairs has contributed to more divisions in Africa and divide and rule tactics are employed to divide Africans against Africans.
This has left African leaders powerless and open to manipulation by the world powers.

5. Heavy Dependence on Foreign Aid:
African nations heavily depend on foreign aid from Western controlled financial institutions and the Far East Institutions.
We are being given loans with very strange conditions that are designed to maintain Africa’s perpetual dependency on these foreign lending institutions.
What we have been receiving is enslaving Aid that acts as neocolonial shackles.
In return these loans are paid by signing off our natural resources and giving away our land.
To break these shackles we must create strong African Financial institutions and end dependency on Foreign aid.

6. Brain Drain
Africa loses its best brains to Europe ,US and other Countries.
The African Education system is designed to provide Labour not to create things that Africa needs for its happiness and civilizations.
Most of our doctors are working for Western nations while compromising our own healthcare.
There are countless skilled African Intellectuals working for Western countries and these are people with technological know-how on how to industrialize Africa.
Until Africans at home and Diaspora come together and decide to rebuild Africa, even in a Thousand years We will still be under imperial domination.
Africa must Unite and look after its own interests.

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