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One Africa for us and one Africa for all

One Africa for us and one Africa for all
By: Ayuba Muhammad

One Africa for us and one Africa for all.

But what annoys me is an average African youths who are not after the realisation of what our ancestors left in trying to build a contemporary Afrika.
An average youth of Africa today will always ask you what Africa lacks and how can the same Africa vie for it or struggle for it
A solution will be given, but that solution is just a mouth peace or I call it social media solutions. Because we always eschew solutions of our problems here on social media without following it by practical action.

I have come across many Africanist social media commentators on what is Africa, who are Africans, who are ancestors, our founding fathers, what role is our union playing, who are our representatives in the union, what kind of Africa are we agitating for? And many other questions by the commentators, but yet it sound rheological and aborted.

Still some of us are just good in shouting about the Pan-Africanism or Africanisation only on social media without even making it a real impact on our lives in trying to achieve it.

The African youths of today are far away from love, unity, peace, justice, honesty, tranquility, transparency, culturally dislocated, morally crippled, traditionally dead.

Until we are mentally, psychological intellectual free from imperialist, Africa we are going nowhere!!
Muhammad A Shehu

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