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Africa Outraged by Brutal Murder of George Floyd

Africa Outraged by Brutal Murder of George Floyd
Date: 28th May 2020

Global Pan Africanism Network is extremely horrified by the magnitude of racial terrorism in the United States and every person of African descent is not safe anymore.

There are just too many Black people killed by Police in America and nothing has been done to put an end to institutional racism.
African Americans each day are waking up gasping for air ,they cant breathe in an increasingly racially charged atmosphere.
Not long ago Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while jogging.


Black people are being treated like second class citizens after over 400 years of slavery.
Africa demands that all the four police officers be charged for racial terrorism and justice be served to all prior cases of police brutality against African Americans.

Global Pan Africanism Network demands respect for people of African descent,equal access to instruments of justice and protection by law enforcement agencies without racial prejudice,discrimination or favour.

Daniel Mwambonu
The President
Global Pan Africanism Network.

GPAN- George Floyd

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