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STOKELY CARMICHAEL (KWAME TURE) (1941-1998) On this day we celebrate 79th Birthday of a staunch Pan Africanist Kwame Ture and recognize him for his contributions

By Solidarity for Indigenous Papuans (SIP) Papua Autonomy was given on the basis of Law Number 21 of 2001 on Papua Autonomy alongside Law Number 18 of 2001 Aceh

STATEMENT BY SOUTHERN AFRICAN JOURNALISTS AND POLITICAL ACTORS ON FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS Fundamental human rights such as freedom of expression and access to information

Colonial-era treaties are to blame for the unresolved dispute over Ethiopia’s dam Ethiopian Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Seleshi Bekele (C) attends

In 21st Century Racism is Technological: By: Daniel Mwambonu Facebook being used as a tool of black suppression and to social engineer us to think in a certain

Dimeji Sodeke- author of the novel titled; The Gods of My Parents and the International Education Envoy for GPAN, speaks on the death of George Floyd and Police

The Balikpapan 7 case was one of the cases that highlighted the truth about Indonesian justice system that shook the foundation of the existing ‘contract’ between

RE: Speech from the President: African Child Day Conference Dated: 16th June 2020 Greetings sons and Daughters of Africa, Fellow freedom fighters,distinguished

AFRICAN CHARTER ON THE RIGHTS AND WELFARE OF THE CHILD Date of Adoption: July 01, 1990 Date of last signature: June 27, 2019 Date entry into force: November 29,

Queen Moremi lived in the 12th century, she hailed from Offa, she was married to Oranmiyan, heir of Ife and founding father of the Yoruba people, Oduduwa. She was

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