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Humanitarian Crisis in West Papua; Letter to the President of the 75th Session of UNGA by Global Pan-Africanism Network

Mr Daniel Mwambonu President of Global Pan-Africanism Network has sent an Open Letter to the UNGA President on behalf of the organization advocating for the rights of West Papuans to self-determination to be respected by the UN member countries.

The letter entitled “WEST PAPUA AN INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY” was sent on the month of September when there is hike in murders and armed conflicts in the region.

The letter stated that;

“The United States of Africa would like to bring to your attention the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Oceania and increasing militarization of West Papua by Indonesia after the Indigenous people of Papua
unanimously rejected the revised version of failed autonomy law.

Indonesia operates with great impunity as the United Nations turns a blind eye on the worst black genocide in the South Pacific which has claimed over 500,000 lives since 1963 and more die on a daily basis in the hands of brutal occupying forces which use rape as an intimidation tactic for female activists; four out of ten women in West Papua are victims of rape while many activists or lawyers have died after being poisoned by Indonesian regime.

We received an alarming report of cold-blooded murder of pastor Yeremia Zanambani who is a loved religious leader in the regency of Intan Jaya.
This is after Indonesia deployed additional 5,000 troops in West Papua who are now conducting arbitrary arrests and shooting civilians at will.
As a result of this more than 40,000 Papuans have been displaced and are now living in deplorable conditions in forests without any form of humanitarian assistance as Indonesia continues to block international organizations from providing humanitarian assistance.

It’s sad that after 75 years of existence of the United Nations, Africa has no veto power yet UN claims all states are equal when some have veto power.
The people of African descent in West Papua are facing discrimination from the United Nations whenever they present their plight are told to shut up.
I challenge all member states attending the United Nations General Assembly 75th session to take action to end this black genocide in West Papua and ensure that Papuans inalienable rights to determine their
destiny are respected by Indonesia.”

West Papua is still facing humanitarian crisis of which Indonesian government continue to ignore the peaceful ways to resolve the conflict.

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