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Situation of Armed Conflict in West Papua and IDP Crisis

Armed Conflict is ongoing in Intan Jaya, Mimika, Nduga, Yahukimo and Pegunungan Bintang near the border between Papua New Guinea. There are thousands of Indonesian military and police sent to the area under the military operation since 2018 and they are still engage in the area.

West Papua

In Intan Jaya, Hitadipa district is empty. There are six churches, a community school and an aid post that were emptied of people. The order to empty the district came from two sides; Indonesian military and West Papua National Liberation Army. People have moved out of the villages surrounding Hitadipa station into the jungles and nearby villages.

Old people from the village of Hitadipa fleeing from their villages into the forests in fear of Indonesian Military

There has not been any humanitarian assistance team sent by the government into the area to monitor the situation and peoples’ condition is unknown at the moment. Nduga IDPs are still at large for the last two years since 2018. A girl passed away in Wamena IDP settlement on the 26th of September 2020 add to the tally of the people of Nduga who died in displacement.

Kids from Intan Jaya in their displaced location within West Papua

The government is still arguing over who killed the Pastor even though the immediate family and the relatives have already testified that TNI short Pastor Yeremias Zanambani. The West Papua National Liberation Army are not strangers, they know who is who in the area and they will not likely to kill the Pastor someone they highly respect as a God’s Servant. Killing of civilians in the conflict zones has been a normal routine for TNI and Police who have so far short more than 50 people since 2018 when the armed conflict started.


Nduga IDP died in Wamena last week of sickness in her place of displacement.

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