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Sudden murder of Pastor Alfred Degei in Nabire West Papua

Pastor Alfred Degei’s body found dead on the 26th of September 2020

On the 22nd of September Pastor Alfred in Nabire went out of the house in the morning informing his family that he would go to look for pigs food at around 2: 00 pm. Since the Pastor did not return early as promised so his son went out to look for him that afternoon. The son searched for the father around the known locations but could not find him. He went to a place a certain police officer was interviewing the people showing them the dead body of his father if they could identify the body.

Son went there and saw that the dead body was his father’s body; he was told by the police that the dead body was found dead at the back of the local Catholic Church. The son could not believe because Pastor Alfred was healthy that morning when went out of the house. On his body they saw bleeding from his nostrils and mouth and signs of heavy beating on the head. He was murdered in cold blood by somebody. The Police officer that was there was also questionable given the circumstances. The family is still in a state of shock on the sudden death of their father.

This is not the first time, West Papuans are dying everyday in this manner throughout the land.

This is an unknown body of a West Papuan murdered mysteriously in Merakue in August of 2020

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