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West Papua special autonomy hearing broken up, 55 arrested for ‘treason''

In a brief report on the current situation of West Papua, since this week, the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) has held a series of important activities to get input from the Papuan people regarding the end of the 20 year validity period of the special autonomy law for the provinces of Papua and West Papua. In the implementation of the general evaluation activities carried out by the MRP, according to Article 77 of the Law, but strangely the Indonesian state does not give the MRP room to mediate the delivery of people’s opinions regarding the positive and negative sides of the 20 years of enactment of this law. In fact the Indonesian government through the police apparatus strictly prohibited the holding of these public meetings. The Indonesian regime prohibited people’s assembling in several cities, the police took strong measures such as prohibitions and arrests, which resulted in the handcuff of one of the MRP members and their staff, and the police also detained 55 community members who wanted to attend and voice their opinion in  the meeting on charges of treason. All the series of meeting activities mediated by the MRP are in accordance with the Republic of Indonesia Law, number 21 of 2001, this is the law of the Indonesian state itself, but strangely Indonesia itself does not respect its own laws or respect, even MRP members who exercise their authority bestowed by Indonesian constitution. MRP Members are arrested by the police in the same way they arrest the perpetrators of crimes or criminals and then handcuffed without any justification. The  Papuan people are calling for International solidarity for decolonization of West Papua as they have  rejected the plan to extend the second Special Autonomy Law  and called for it to be canceled paving way for self determination of West Papua.  

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