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A speech from the President: International Day of the African Child 2020

RE: Speech from the President: African Child Day Conference
Dated: 16th June 2020
Greetings sons and Daughters of Africa,
Fellow freedom fighters,distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman I salute you all.
Today we celebrate the international day of the African child from a Pan African perspective which is founded on common belief that all people of African Descent share a common destiny and our history is intertwined.On this day we commemorate and Celebrate the young heroes who marched for their right to education and expressed their desire for self determination in Soweto uprisings during the Apartheid era.
Let their struggles and sacrifices inspire the young generation to rise up against neocolonial domination and Exploitation of Africa by foreign powers.
We must review the Education system that was handed over to us by our former colonizers so that we come up with an Education system that reflects the aspirations of people of African Descent at home or Diaspora.
Its time to reexamine and Question critically what we have been taught for more than a decade of school education. African children need an education which taps into their talents and helps them reach their full potential.
Global Pan Africanism Network is committed to working with like minded organizations and governments in ensuring that Child Rights and welfare is guaranteed.
The healthcare of Children is very important and there is need for Africa to have a universal healthcare system that safeguards the future of Africa.
The importance of Instilling Pan African principles in Children and youth can never be underestimated. We have the power to revolutionize Africa and solve all the challenges that have become a stumbling block before the African child.
If the African child is given equal opportunities to flourish we will create a new generation of self reliant children and youths.

Daniel Mwambonu
The President
Global Pan Africanism Network

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