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By Sikaile Sikaile.


The remarks by the two French Doctors who suggested that the coronavirus laboratory should be carried out in Africa are so disappointing as they are racial discriminatory remarks.

It is of no doubt that the two Doctors made the remarks against Africa intentionally without regret. But it is wrong for any one to suggest or make Africa a testing lab.

We understand that Africa has no good health care services but this is not justifiable for any one to suggest Africans should be samples whether the vaccines can treat COVID-19 or not.

In this 21 first century, it is very important for each one of us to respect one another irrespective of one’s skin colour, nationality, religion and social standing in society. Humanity deserve respect no matter what the circumstances may be.

As a human rights activist, I therefore support the Morrocan group of lawyers who have decided to sue the said Doctors for racial discrimination.

However, this should be a wake up call for all African leaders to begin to think for the well being of the continent and their nations.

As long as Africa shall continue harbouring the current crop of our leaders who most of them are incompetent, and leading brutal regimes that only focuses on amassing public resources, and change their constitutions to prolong their stay in power, we as African shall continue being a globe ridicule just like in this case.

This corona virus should be a big lesson to all African leaders who have had no time to develop their nations thinking every time they get sick they will fly oversees to get treatment.

Today, we are all in one cage whether poor or rich in Africa.

Africa is the one feeding the whole world with raw materials that has seen various best world economies thriving and emerging the best like the Chinese economy, yet Africa is languishing in poverty as if we are all fools who can’t distinguish between madness and seriousness.

The cause of this world ridicule is because we have very few if no leaders who think for the well being of the continent.

I call upon all African leaders to begin to think properly and offer leadership that will detour anybody looking down on our continent. And this can only happen when Africa stop being a beggar. Waiting for left overs is what is making such overzealous Doctors issue those remarks.

The COVID-19 is a global crisis and there is no nation that should mock another because we are all victims in one way or the other. We need to sympathize and work as a team the entire globe in looking for the solution so that we save lives.

God has taught African leaders a great lesson that the money they have been stealing and hiding outside Africa cannot be retrieved back due to the lock down of COVID-19.

African leaders think about the well being of your nations and stop being tyrants who only think about themselves and their stomachs. Save us from this international ridicule.

Africa should learn and work towards standing on it’s own. This dream is achievable only if we have serious leaders with a heart for the continent. Because God has blessed the continent with all the much needed resources that only need leaders with brains to make Africa a great continent.

Sikaile Sikaile

Good Governance and Human Rights Activist.


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