Nduga IDPs being pursued by Indonesian military in their place of displacement

The Indonesian military is pursuing the Internally Displaced people of Nduga and Intan Jaya suspecting them of being part of the West Papua National Liberation Army (WPNLA) fighters. In their aim to gather information on the whereabouts of the WPNLA members they conduct house to house search for the people of Nduga and Intan Jaya […]

Kerom West Papua Department of Labour and Personnel Management Office burnt by angry mob

An office building was set alight by the disgruntled West Papuans due to unfair and discriminatory employment practices by the department. The expectations were that labour would consists of 80 percent West Papuans and 20 percent migrants but the result showed otherwise when final selections were made. The unfair employment practices has been going since […]

Indonesians Shameless Attitude on West Papua at the United Nations General Assembly; Self-defeating Strategy

Indonesia’s obsessiveness about West Papua is painting the country from boastfully democratic country to one that is consistent lying nation about ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’ and systematic ‘racism’ against the African descent of West Papua. Indonesia’s human rights have been all time poor over the last 75 years of Indonesia’s independence, the country was established based […]

Sudden murder of Pastor Alfred Degei in Nabire West Papua

On the 22nd of September Pastor Alfred in Nabire went out of the house in the morning informing his family that he would go to look for pigs food at around 2: 00 pm. Since the Pastor did not return early as promised so his son went out to look for him that afternoon. The […]

Pastor Zanambani of GKI Church in West Papua murdered by Indonesian military

Hitadipa is a district in Intan Jaya regency located to the West of Nduga regency and North-west of the giant Freeport Mine in Mimika regency. Pastor Yeremias Zanambani is his full name; he was a senior Pastor of the GKI Church, Bible translator and Head Master of the local Seminary when he was killed. Chronology […]

Situation of Armed Conflict in West Papua and IDP Crisis

Armed Conflict is ongoing in Intan Jaya, Mimika, Nduga, Yahukimo and Pegunungan Bintang near the border between Papua New Guinea. There are thousands of Indonesian military and police sent to the area under the military operation since 2018 and they are still engage in the area. In Intan Jaya, Hitadipa district is empty. There are […]

Benny Wenda; Pastor Among the Civilians shot dead in the Crossfire between West Papua National Liberation Army and Indonesian Military

Pastor Yeremiah Zanambani who is also a leading translator of Bible into local Moni language was short dead by the Indonesian military recently has highlighted the ongoing armed conflict in West Papua that started on December 2018 killing of 19 construction workers suspected be Indonesian military personnel. Mr. Wenda is also accusing Indonesian government of […]