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Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN)  Membership Registration Guidelines

Please download the Member Registration Guidelines for an in-depth description of GPAN procedures

A duly completed Application form should be accompanied with Copies of National ID or Passport, Payment for membership type chosen, and two Passport sized Photographs.

There are two ways to register as a member; international registration or national registration through established GPAN Charters.

For international registrations completed applications should be scanned and emailed to us at  info@gpanreunification.org

Applicants can also forward their applications to the country representatives  at chapter level.

We strongly recommend that registered members/NGOs/CSOs /Companies attend Pan African events in their respective chapters.

Each member will be awarded a Global Unique Identifier that will appear on his or her membership card.

* Applicants applying must be of African descent (African Diaspora) or nationality


See details and description of membership in the Registration guidelines

1.    Student Membership:

Student Membership is a non-voting type of Student membership.


  1. Individual Membership:
    Individual Membership is with voting rights and is entitled to hold office and contest election for the office bearers of the Chapters, Pan African Assembly, Executive Council, and committees.
  2. Pan African group Membership
    This is open to all registered Pan African groups.
    Membership can submit ideas, proposals, or business plans for consideration, sponsorship, or implementation in partnership with GPAN.
  3. Organization Membership:
    This is for commercial or non-commercial organizations that commit working towards innovation, capacity building, entrepreneurship skills, and social accountability for their internal development initiatives and/or act strategically building initiatives, products, and services, or with, Global Pan Africanism Network.


  1. Education Institution Membership:
    Educational societies, universities, professional bodies, and research institutes that commit towards fostering innovation, education, entrepreneurship skills, and social accountability…

6. Honorary Membership:

Revolutionary Pan Africanists both past and present, eminent members of the education profession or persons of high scientific attainment or managerial practices from any country may be nominated as honorary members (if so approved by the Pan African Assembly


  1. State Membership
    This membership is open to states in Africa, the Caribbean, North America, South America, and Melanesia.
  2. Religious organizations Membership: This membership is open to churches or religious-affiliated organizations.



GPAN Membership Fees:

Juvenile Membership: FREE

Student Membership:  $5/year.

Individual Membership

(a) Silver Membership- $10/year

(b) Gold membership: $20/year

(c) Diamond Membership: $50/year

Pan African Groups.$50/year.
Organization membership: $100/year

Education Institution membership: $100/year

Honorary Membership: FREE

State membership

(a)  Africa, Caribbean, Melanesia, Latin America or the Caribbean : $500/year

(b) Developed Nations: $1000/year

Religious organizations Membership: $50


GPAN Membership Subscription:

GPAN Memberships Registration



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