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Benny Wenda; Pastor Among the Civilians shot dead in the Crossfire between West Papua National Liberation Army and Indonesian Military

Pastor Yeremiah Zanambani who is also a leading translator of Bible into local Moni language was short dead by the Indonesian military recently has highlighted the ongoing armed conflict in West Papua that started on December 2018 killing of 19 construction workers suspected be Indonesian military personnel.

Mr. Wenda is also accusing Indonesian government of imposing unworkable policies on West Papuans since 1963. According to Wenda the extension of Special Autonomy is another attempt by Jakarta to impose its own solutions to resolve West Papua problem which is only adding fresh wounds to the already existing wound.

Like New Caledonia and Bougainville Indonesia needs to address the conflict through peaceful means being echoed by the Pacific Islands Forum leaders and ACP group of countries.

This issue is not going away. West Papua is not the ‘done deal’ that Jakarta claims. If the issue is settled, why does Indonesia sent thousands of troops to West Papua to kill and torture my people? If it is a done deal, why does Indonesia continue to ban all international journalists from entering West Papua? If the West Papua issue is over, why does Indonesia refuse to even allow the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights into our land?

We want a peaceful solution to this conflict. We want to follow international democratic practice and settle this through consulting the will of the people in a free and fair referendum. Indonesia still has the chance to prove itself as a great leader in the Asia-Pacific region and to follow the path of humanity, democracy and liberation. We do not want to witness bloodshed on the scale of East Timor.

This is the choice facing us all as the people of West Papua intensify their resistance to the new Special Autonomy lies of the Indonesian government. Regional leaders, the international community and all our solidarity groups must act now to stop the implementation of ‘Special Autonomy Volume

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