Remembering Pan-Africanist and DRC’s independent leader, Patrice Lumumba

                Patrice Émery Lumumba was born in 2 July 1925. He served as the first prime minister of independent Democratic Republic of Congo from June until September 1960. Ideologically, Patrice Lumumba was an African nationalist and Pan-Africanist. He led the Congolese National Movement (MNC) party from 1958 until […]

Bosco Ntaganda, the notorious nicknamed ‘terminator,’ was the M23 warlord

When it come to post colonial Africa, it hasn’t been easy for Africans living in mineral rich regions, as powerful elites want to compete with all available means to access the wealth including at the cost of human lives. The funding of rebels is one example to protect the ‘rights’ of multinational firms in a […]

Nyiragongo in Democratic Republic of Congo is the most dangerous volcano in the world

Nyiragongo is one of Africa’s most notable active volcanoes, having a crater in it’s deep summit which contains a lava lake which was active for half century to 1977, when it drained catastrophically, is the most dangerous volcano in the world. Nyiragongo displays steep slopes of stratovolcano with 1.2 km-wide summit crater. On January 10, […]

DR Congo ‘prepared’ to take part in vaccine testing: official

  AFP Kinshasa (AFP) – The Democratic Republic of Congo is prepared to take part in testing of any future vaccine against the coronavirus, the head of the country’s taskforce against the pandemic said on Friday. “We’ve been chosen to conduct these tests,” said the head of the national biological institute, Jean-Jacques Muyembe. “The vaccine […]

The eleven most spoken native languages in Africa by population

With almost 3000 native languages spoken on the continent, Africa is the most multi-linguistic continent in the world and the most diverse in terms of culture and languages. We won’t be ranking languages that never originated from Africa like Portuguese, English, French etc., but the original African languages originated from Africans. Although many Africans speak […]