22 African Presidents Have Been Assassinated By France Since 1963

    Since 1963, more than 22 African presidents, then in power, have been assassinated by France, many of them asserted their independence and refused to go along with the colonial power.  The latest of these leaders being Muammar Gaddafi. Most of the coups and assassinations were carried out by the SDECE, the DGSE and […]

Merkel & Guterres announce the results of Libya peace talks in Berlin

      Another Berlin Conference, this now clearly shows Africans doesn’t have much to say in global politics. This is an indication that Africa’s decision makers are not in fact in Africa, they’re somewhere else.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres are presenting the results of the intensive talks at […]

The eleven most spoken native languages in Africa by population

With almost 3000 native languages spoken on the continent, Africa is the most multi-linguistic continent in the world and the most diverse in terms of culture and languages. We won’t be ranking languages that never originated from Africa like Portuguese, English, French etc., but the original African languages originated from Africans. Although many Africans speak […]

These are twenty strongest African currencies in 2019

  1. Libyan Dinar (1 USD-0.77 LD) Libyan dinar was made famous by the late leader Mummar Gaddafi. Libya is known for its vast deposit of crude oil. Oil accounts for the 95% of country’s export, and account for 60% of its GDP. Although the country is ravaged by war, the standard of living is […]

The Berlin conference where no African participated in partition of Africa

  The Berlin conference where no African was present to divide Africa The Berlin conference in one way or another is Africa’s undoing. The colonial powers superimposed their domination in Africa. Even after the independence in 1950s and 1960s the post-independence Africa reality up to date is in mess in terms of human catastrophe. In […]

Muammar Gaddafi: Ten things Libyans were enjoying under Gaddafi

Well, Muammar Gaddafi may be known as ruthless dictator by many western world people, but every leader, one way or another is bound to be a dictator so long as national security is threatened, internally or externally. The gulf countries are ruled by leaders who uses iron fist, some dictators in Africa are dictators who […]