Why black Americans are moving to Africa

  |  The original article is here Rukiya McNair, along with her husband and two children, moved from Pittsburgh to Tanzania two years ago. Monique John wasn’t sure what to expect when she stepped off the plane in her new home: the West African nation of Liberia. “It was very rundown looking,” the Brooklyn-born 28-year-old […]

The Herero and Nama genocides

The forgotten Herero and Nama Genocides The German military forces, between, 1904-1907, committed a genocide against indigenous in their colony present day Namibia. The intention of these mass killings-which occurred through battle, starvations, poisoning of water boreholes, thirst in Omaheke desert, forced labour, malnutrition, sexual violence, medical experiments and disease in concentration camps, was to […]

These are twenty strongest African currencies in 2019

  1. Libyan Dinar (1 USD-0.77 LD) Libyan dinar was made famous by the late leader Mummar Gaddafi. Libya is known for its vast deposit of crude oil. Oil accounts for the 95% of country’s export, and account for 60% of its GDP. Although the country is ravaged by war, the standard of living is […]

The Berlin conference where no African participated in partition of Africa

  The Berlin conference where no African was present to divide Africa The Berlin conference in one way or another is Africa’s undoing. The colonial powers superimposed their domination in Africa. Even after the independence in 1950s and 1960s the post-independence Africa reality up to date is in mess in terms of human catastrophe. In […]

The Himba people of Namibia and Angola, ‘descendants of Herero’

There is a Swahili saying that “Mwacha mila ni mtumwa.” One who leaves his or her traditions is a slave. Himba, Pygmies and Maasai are among the few African tribes which are popular globally for how they have maintained their culture. This magnificient tribe inhabit the Kaokaland area of Namibia and along Kunene River in […]