United States of Africa Mourns Zindzi Mandela

The United States of Africa has received the news of untimely demise of the youngest daughter of Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela in terrible anguish. We send our sincere condolences to her family and stand with the people of the Republic of South Africa during this difficult time. Ms Zindzi Mandela will be remembered as […]

Queen Nandi the mother of Shaka Zulu

Ndlorukazi Nandi kaBebe eLangeni (meaning The Sweet One) was born around 1760, in Langeni to a minor chief of the Langeni tribe, Bhebhe. Very little known about Queen Nandi’s early life because there is no written documentation about her childhood. Nandi was not treated like royalty before she became a Queen. It is believed after […]

South Africa Plans To Launch A First-Of-Its-Kind Cannabis College

      South Africa hopes to open the country’s first cannabis training center in a rural area where local youth can learn how to capitalize on the international boom in legal cannabis. The Eastern Cape government hopes to have what it describes as a “cannabis college” operating within a year, according to The Citizen. The college is expected to upskill farmers in […]

5 of the worst crimes committed by British Empire

Let no one dictate you on who to hate or like between Hitler and Churchill,  in comparison to white supremacy and other race hatred, Winston Churchill was far more worse and brutal than Adolf Hitler. It’s very interesting that majority of Brits think colonialism was a good thing and beneficial to people where it happened. […]

The eleven most spoken native languages in Africa by population

With almost 3000 native languages spoken on the continent, Africa is the most multi-linguistic continent in the world and the most diverse in terms of culture and languages. We won’t be ranking languages that never originated from Africa like Portuguese, English, French etc., but the original African languages originated from Africans. Although many Africans speak […]

Starving Sudanese child and a vulture

Kevin Carter was a South African photojournalist. He was a member of the Bang-Bang Club, a quartet of brave photographers who chronicled apartheid-era South Africa, he had seen more than his share of heartbreak. In 1993 he went to Sudan to photograph the events of famine in the area. Exhausted after day of taking pictures […]