Kandake Queens, latinised “Candace”of Kush

There were several female rulers of Ethiopia or Kush. When it comes to African rulers in Africa women or more commonly warrior queens entertained no nonsense when it comes to enemies of states, be it internal or external aggressions. Queen Asantewa and Badass Queen Nzinga are good examples. The ancient kingdom of Kush, also known […]

Queen Nandi the mother of Shaka Zulu

Ndlorukazi Nandi kaBebe eLangeni (meaning The Sweet One) was born around 1760, in Langeni to a minor chief of the Langeni tribe, Bhebhe. Very little known about Queen Nandi’s early life because there is no written documentation about her childhood. Nandi was not treated like royalty before she became a Queen. It is believed after […]

The Africa we want

  By-Emmanuel TabanFor so long, Africans have been desperate to see the Africa they want, for so many years, they have been longing and yearning to see the Africa they have never seen. The need, zeal and the want started way back in the 19th centuary, when both Africans in diaspora and those on the […]

Dambisa Moyo: Foreign aid is ‘corrosive’ to democracy in Africa

Best-selling author says foreign aid has undermined African governments, and praises China’s role on the continent. Dambisa Moyo, a Zambian-born best-selling author and economist, says foreign aid has been more damaging than helpful to African democracies   Head to Head with Al Jazeera’s Mahdi Hasan in 2018   “We do want to be able to hold […]

The forgotten Africa’s contributions in the World War I

  Africa has been erased from European history and world history in general. The involvement of Africans in the World War I is largely forgotten in the mainstream study of history, despite the fact this continent was forcefully contributing an estimated of more than 2 million soldiers, workers, and personnel in both Europe and in […]

A Ghanaian software development company, Cognate Systems has developed and deployed an innovative system to provide insights into the spread of COVID-19.

  A Ghanaian software development company, Cognate Systems has developed and deployed an innovative system to provide insights into the spread of COVID-19. The original author of this article A Ghanaian software engineering company, Cognate Systems has launched its Opine Health Assistant platform. This system tracks Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms and provides data and visual insights for disease surveillance teams, […]

South Africa Plans To Launch A First-Of-Its-Kind Cannabis College

      South Africa hopes to open the country’s first cannabis training center in a rural area where local youth can learn how to capitalize on the international boom in legal cannabis. The Eastern Cape government hopes to have what it describes as a “cannabis college” operating within a year, according to The Citizen. The college is expected to upskill farmers in […]

Africans wasting most of their time on who created the world

When it comes to religion Africans are winners. With majority of population being affiliated to either Christianity or Islam ( slightly over 80%), Africa by population is the most religious continent with foreign deity. Most religious people believes that God is in control and they tasked him to fight all their battles. With an average […]