The Tuskegee Airmen, The first African American pilots of World War II

Before the Tuskegee airmen, African Americans were not allowed be United States military pilot. A series of racist laws, those of Jim Crow were used as justification for blocking for blocking African Americans soldiers to become pilots. African Americans served bravely and with distinction in every theater of World War II, while simultaneously struggling for […]

Eugene Bullard :The first black pilot in World War I

Born on Oct. 9,1895, the same year Frederic Douglass died, in Columbia, Georgia. Bullard witnessed his father’s narrow escape from a lynching or of his being stowed away on a ship to Scotland to get away from racial discrimination in the south. One account has him running away from home after a lynch mob arrives […]

22 African Presidents Have Been Assassinated By France Since 1963

    Since 1963, more than 22 African presidents, then in power, have been assassinated by France, many of them asserted their independence and refused to go along with the colonial power.  The latest of these leaders being Muammar Gaddafi. Most of the coups and assassinations were carried out by the SDECE, the DGSE and […]

The forgotten Africa’s contributions in the World War I

  Africa has been erased from European history and world history in general. The involvement of Africans in the World War I is largely forgotten in the mainstream study of history, despite the fact this continent was forcefully contributing an estimated of more than 2 million soldiers, workers, and personnel in both Europe and in […]

What are the consequences of Covid-19 in Africa and the rest of the world?

Many people have been asking what will happen to global and African economies after Covid-19. Given that it’s hard to foretell the end and real final game of Covid-19, it is  also hard to predict the future, but here are the possible outcomes; Global consequences  Many countries will be financially hit. Italy which was once […]

The Easter eggs for Hitler, the rare story of black soldiers in World War II

The two men in this photograph are Technical Sergeant William E. Thomas and Private First Class Joseph Jackson of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, but at the time of the photograph were part of the 969th Artillery Battalion. Scrawling such messages on artillery shells in World War II was one way in which artillery soldiers […]


By Sikaile Sikaile.   The remarks by the two French Doctors who suggested that the coronavirus laboratory should be carried out in Africa are so disappointing as they are racial discriminatory remarks. It is of no doubt that the two Doctors made the remarks against Africa intentionally without regret. But it is wrong for any […]

Michigan student, 25, died after he was refused COVID-19 test, sister says

  A Western Michigan University senior who was denied a test for the coronavirus died over the weekend from the disease. Bassey Offiong, 25, from Detroit, was due to graduate this spring with a chemical engineering degree. Instead, his sister, Asari Offiong, says her brother was turned away multiple times when he went to get tested […]