Little Richard, the Rock and Roll pioneer is dead at 87

As if there wasn’t enough sorrow in the world right now, the news arrived this morning that Little Richard died from unknown causes. The rock pioneer was 87. “A lot of people call me the architect of rock and roll,” he told Rolling Stone in 2004. “I don’t call myself that, but I believe it’s true.” It’s not hard to […]

The Tuskegee Airmen, The first African American pilots of World War II

Before the Tuskegee airmen, African Americans were not allowed be United States military pilot. A series of racist laws, those of Jim Crow were used as justification for blocking for blocking African Americans soldiers to become pilots. African Americans served bravely and with distinction in every theater of World War II, while simultaneously struggling for […]

Freedom Riders in deep segregated south of United States

Freedom riders were the groups of white and African American Civil rights activists who participated in freedom Rides, bus trips through the American South in 1961 to protest segregated bus terminals. They tried to use “white only ”restrooms and launch counters at bus stations in Alabama, South Carolina and southern states. The groups were confronted […]

COVID-19: White House petition to investigate Bill Gates for “medical malpractice”, “crimes against humanity” gains momentum

  The original article is here Bill Gates A petition to investigate Bill Gates for “crimes against humanity” and “medical malpractice” has gained a staggering 289,000 signatures from concerned citizens, almost tripling the number required to get a response from the White House. The “We the People” petition asks the federal government to call on Congress to […]

The Easter eggs for Hitler, the rare story of black soldiers in World War II

The two men in this photograph are Technical Sergeant William E. Thomas and Private First Class Joseph Jackson of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, but at the time of the photograph were part of the 969th Artillery Battalion. Scrawling such messages on artillery shells in World War II was one way in which artillery soldiers […]