Free all West Papuan Political Prisoners!

    You can choose to read an original article here The International League of People’s Struggle Commission 3 on human rights and political prisoners strongly calls for the release of all West Papuan and South Moluccas political prisoners held in various prison cells in Indonesia. We urgently call for the immediate release of Sayang […]

A Poem in memory of Arnold_C_Ap_ the fire of West Papua revolution through music.

By Jogjakarta AfricaMyStory His songs were the inspiration behind the foundation of “Black Brothers” after he was killed by the Indonesians on April 26th , 1984. Every year West Papua remember April 26th as Arnold Ap Day. The “Mambesak” band translated as the voice of the bird of paradise remains the fire that still burns […]

West Papua, KontraS Condemns Deployment of 700 Troops

  Translator: Ricky Mohammad Nugraha Editor: Petir Garda Bhwana TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) deputy coordinator, Feri Kusuma, disapproves of the government’s decision in mobilizing additional Indonesian Army troops (TNI AD) to a military district command (Koramil) in West Papua.  Feri argues that this move asserts that the Indonesian government lacks new breakthroughs in helping solve the […]

79 ACP States call for human rights situation in West Papua to be addressed

  The 79 Member States of the Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP) group have passed a resolution at this week’s 9th ACP Summit of Heads of State and Government calling for urgent attention to be paid to the ongoing human rights crisis in West Papua.   The ACP resolution supports and adds substantial additional diplomatic weight […]

Papuan Students Deprived of their basic right to Education by the State

Right to education is one of the basic human rights in the international law under the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR) and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) of which Indonesia is a party. It is also an important pillar under the right to development another pillar of […]


“Today Red and White (the Indonesian flag) is not flying victoriously in Wamena, therefore we the Islamic community will give our lives in the name of God to save Wamena!” This was the message being announced over the loud hailers as the Front Jihad Islam (FJI) members gathered in East Java burning a poster of […]

Why are Papuans angry at migrants? Natalius Pigai

By Natalius Pigai: Mr. Pigai is a former Director for the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights 2012-2017 originally from West Papua, here is his views on human rights situation in West Papua. I write this article based on the reality faced by the people of Papua for 57 years. I was born in a […]

Racism and Colonialism: ‘Monkey Race’, Racism and Papua Independence Aspiration

“Monkey! Pig! Dog! Don’t you come out? We are waiting for you here”. While racist slurs were heard being chanted at the background dozens of military officers forced their way towards the entrance of Papua students’ dormitory in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. They damaged the entire fence and forced the students to […]