Bosco Ntaganda, the notorious nicknamed ‘terminator,’ was the M23 warlord

When it come to post colonial Africa, it hasn’t been easy for Africans living in mineral rich regions, as powerful elites want to compete with all available means to access the wealth including at the cost of human lives. The funding of rebels is one example to protect the ‘rights’ of multinational firms in a […]

Cuba welcomes UN demand to suspend sanctions in the face of Covid-19

   | The original article is here The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, has welcomed a statement from Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, demanding the suspension US sanctions against Cuba in light of the difficulties faced around the world due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Minister of Foreign Affairs went on […]

Racism and Colonialism: ‘Monkey Race’, Racism and Papua Independence Aspiration

“Monkey! Pig! Dog! Don’t you come out? We are waiting for you here”. While racist slurs were heard being chanted at the background dozens of military officers forced their way towards the entrance of Papua students’ dormitory in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. They damaged the entire fence and forced the students to […]

GPAN Endorses Kenya’s bid to UN Security Council

 GPAN  STATEMENT ON KENYA’S BID TO UN SECURITY COUNCIL DATED: 16/09/2019 Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN) as a Pan African organization  endorses Kenya’s bid to secure a seat in the UN Security Council during June 2020 elections. Kenya has set an exemplary record in mediating over crisis in the horn of Africa and has played […]