The Africa we want

  By-Emmanuel TabanFor so long, Africans have been desperate to see the Africa they want, for so many years, they have been longing and yearning to see the Africa they have never seen. The need, zeal and the want started way back in the 19th centuary, when both Africans in diaspora and those on the […]


  By EMMANUEL TABAN(Yakobo Jatura) In the 20th centuary, the African continent was in series of revolutionary wars to get rid of the foreign rulers with unfair political, social and economic policies. These policies were geared towards not only ruining the African continent but also imposing the foreign will on the Africans. Some of the […]

One Africa for us and one Africa for all

One Africa for us and one Africa for allBy: Ayuba Muhammad One Africa for us and one Africa for all. But what annoys me is an average African youths who are not after the realisation of what our ancestors left in trying to build a contemporary Afrika.An average youth of Africa today will always ask […]

The System of leadership from our founding fathers

By Ayuba Muhammad Some of us had heard a lot of a good painted systems of leadership from the various founding fathers of Africa. The likes of Osagyfo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, Thomas Sankara, Ahmadu Bello, Muaammar Ghaddafi, Gamal Abdulnaser, Dedan Kimathi, Samora Moises,Kenneth Kaunda, Marcus Garvey,Robert Sobukwe, Jomo Kenyatta, Steve Biko, […]

The Modern African Youths

The Modern African Youths By: Ayuba Muhammad We the modern day African youths did not face any physical antecedents of colonisation or colonialism. But rather we were faced with mental colonisation and the mental colonisation said to be the dangerous type of colonialism. Now we are facing a lot of challenges in trying to struggle […]

Badaru Basiru: The time is here

  Written By: Badaru Basiru AfricaMyStory What is often neglected in times of calm could willingly be opted for in times of trouble. The point in history at which Africa must, out of a daring necessity, unite may have come. And if the indices still read otherwise, then at what juncture the calls and aspirations […]

Africa still under the Shackles of Neocolonialism: We are Not Free

By Daniel Mwambonu They bled Africa during Colonization and Scramble for Africa but they are doing it again in Post Colonial Africa.Striping Africa off its natural resources and convincing Africans they can’t mine and process their own minerals but can only provide labour for their own exploitationAfricans been reduced to beggars yet our motherland so […]


I am a healthcare worker (radiographer) and I have a suggestions which can help reduce the spread of covid-19 virus in case there are new infections considering that there are new incidences and based on experiences I have gone through, here are some few ideas. Let me begin by using an analogy of what happens […]

Africa Rising; The role of the youth in changing the fate of Africa.

  By Awine Theresa Atule African youth have over the years asked for a place in the management of their various countries. In the area of business, politics, education, health, agriculture, engineering and many more sectors of the economy of the continent. With the way things are moving, the youth of the continent will definitely […]