Global Pan Africanism Network will be hosting first ever African Business Conference in Durban,South Africa  on 1st October marking the beginning of celebration of the African Business Month.

African Business Conference- SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE

About African Business Month:

On 18th July the President of the United States of Africa declared October as the African Business Month to focus on Promoting African Businesses in Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Pacific, United States and worldwide.

United States of Africa is a hypothetical concept of a federation of some or all of the 55 Sovereign states on the continent of Africa.
The concept takes its origin from Marcus Garvey’s poem “Hail United States of Africa “

Inspired by Marcus Garvey and other Pan Africanists like Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X and Muammar Gaddafi quest for a Unified Africa, A Kenyan Pan Africanist Daniel Mwambonu started United States of Africa project on 7th March 2016 on Facebook Page.
The United States of Africa was officially registered in the United States on 30th June 2020 to unify the African Continent and all people of African descent into one nation.

African Business Month will tap into the informal sector and help them grow through capacity building.
The upcoming conference will give African businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and invest in Opportunities available in Africa for Africans.
One of the goals is promoting AfCFTA and encouraging self reliance.
African Business Month first ever Conference will be held in South Africa on October 1st and streamed live on United States of Africa page.


Investing in Africa: The Capital City of Entrepreneurs

Dear Pan-Africanists,

The 1st African Business Conference as agreed to be hosted on 1st October, 2020 in
respect to the newly declared African Business Month is a conference that will seek
to integrate all resources into building a fully Pan-African Market. Like every other
market, this will require African Producers having access to vaster Consumers and
more support from the African community. The Problem with the African
Consumer is predominantly the idea of subscribing to foreign Markets, hence,
suffocating to eventual closure, the local owned businesses.

The idea of this conference is to make a rational attempt at creating an atmosphere
of growth for African Businesses and Enterprises. The conference will seek to usher
in foreign investors, as well as attract local investors into the African Trade Space.
In order to make this work, we need to run deep scale researches into the demands
of principal investors. This is so in order to make intelligent attempts at fulfilling
these demands. Upon reaching an agreed height, we will be expected to make a
comprehensive list of various investment schemes for Investors as well as benefits
and the level of security for such investments. The African Continent is full of such.
Upon full review of these investment offers, an elaborate brochure will be sent to
potential investors on the day of the African Business Conference.

If an investor has made a ready commitment to engage, we will duly handle all
dealings as intermediaries and will charge a commission for the services rendered.
This will go a long way in generating funds for us to facilitate better service.
It is estimated that the African Continent has the vastest resources on the planet.
This will include the most fertile lands for Agriculture, the largest deposits of
Mineral, Petroleum, wildlife and so much more. It should however not be ignored
that in recent years, the internet has proven to be more lucrative than any known
resource. Africa is lacking behind on this account. Data has become the largest
generator of wealth in this age and we should begin drifting towards it. The top
billionaires of the World today are all rich on accounts of the Internet. We must
figure out a way to fully maximize this opportunity.

The Blockchain Technology being a latest invention and largest breakthrough in the
Digital world will facilitate the building a digital, decentralized economy that can
exist outside of a Central Bank. The Technology itself is incorruptible and should be
the driving force of all activism. Blockchain technology will make a government
wholly transparent and all misappropriation of funds and voting systems will have
to stop due to the transaparency of the Blockchain systems. The Blockchain also
facilitates the generation of equal wealth based on individual stakes in the system
and will be a driving tool in eliminating poverty in the African States.

Lastly but most importantly, The Capital of Entrepreneurs project will usher in
unspeakable progress. It is a very steep path but not impossible. Attracting vast
investors will create the necessary momentum we will need to launch the projects.


Shaun Abdullahi
No.43 Nelson Mandela Boulevard,
Cadastral Zone A04, Asokoro District,
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.
18th July, 2020.