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Global Pan Africanism statement on 8 francophone countries agreement to withdraw from decades old CFA franc hegemony

Global Pan Africanism Network welcomes the bold move by 8 African Countries to withdraw their CFA reserves from Colonial France. We support the announcement by Benin President Patrice Talon to withdraw foreign reserves of the West African CFA – currency used by eight countries in the region and hope the six countries remaining will follow suit and embark on the decolonization process. Every Year France takes away over $500 Billion dollars from 14 African countries as payment for “benefits” of colonialism as a result , 80% of the 10 countries with the lowest literacy rates in the world among adults are in francophone Africa. Namely: Benin (40%), Burkina Faso (26%), Chad (34%), Côte d’Ivoire (49%), Guinea (29%), Mali (23%), Niger (29%), and Senegal (42%). This spectacular result is achieved after over 150 years of French colonization! We demand an immediate withdrawal of French forces in Africa and an end to systematic economic exploitation by France.Your time is up ,enough is enough we Africans demand our unalienable right to economic,social,cultural and political independence from France. Emmanuel Macron must respect and acknowledge the soverignity of the African people and the African nation.


Daniel Mwambonu
The President,
Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN)

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