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Laurel Akafful, a 27-year-old Ghanian goes from selling watches to owning oil and gas company


Laurel Akafful, a 27-year-old Ghanaian lady has come from selling of items such as wristwatches and men’s shirts to owning her oil and gas company.

Businesworldghana.com reports that Laurel was also a teacher at some points.

Reports indicate that throughout the times that Laurel engaged in all her entrepreneural activities, she always harboured the desire of going into engineering.

Ethel Laurel Akafful now interest herself in the oil and gas business called Gas Resources with an MSc in petroleum Geoscience.

She started upon when she completed her first degree in 2018 although the idea was nurtured in 2017.

Speaking about how the desire started, Laurel indicated that the the journey began since she was born at Abomosu in Eastern region of Ghana with her mom as petty trader and her dad a farmer who also dealt in gold and diamond.

“When it rained heavily, we would go the gullies and pick pieces of gold and put them in a mercury container, after sometime, we got bigger sizes and sold to my dad. ”Said Akafful.

Speaking about the venture she founded, Laurel explains that Laurel Gas Resources is clean energy distribution company that uses technology to promote the broad and safer use of liquefied petroleum (LPG) in Ghana.

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