Today we seem to be well vast with whom to blame for the bloody and savage past, we either have them that colonized us or those of our own that welcomed them. But today we stand to create the present and the future that our next generations should refer to as one that brought the Africa’s glory back to life.

One of the questions I have asked my self is “If we the members of this Organization understand the challenges and chances we understand, how shall we pass this literature to the young?”

It is clear that we don’t control our education and all the content passed to the young, the western misinformation and disorientation form a good percent of the content taught. But which chances do we stand in penetrating secondary schools?

It is the answer to this last question that moved me to create this proposal. The African child should know Africa and this can be done through literature and history both of which will be subject to this proposal. This will involve Debate, Drama and presentation of poetry and story-telling performances and finally speech and essay writing competitions on strictly themes that reflect our mission.


SIPIA  is an initiative borne out of Global African Pan Africanism Nework GPAN which core aim is to achieve United States of Africa. An African school going child is faced with many abstractions that leave him at the verge of living as a ” copy-cat” given the fact that he knows less about himself and a lot about the west, since it seems unfashionable to be out the know of the western culture. Without this child on board towards the realization of our target of uniting all the states of Africa we are unsuccessful since he is the adult of tomorrow. An African child knows less about his/her  Origin, personality, emotional nature, academic essence, societal issues and core values.  As a matter of fact this child needs to be told about himself and what we can achieve. And this can be well received if it is not the classroom learning thing that students are much familiar with. We can make reference to history and extract what we would want them to know about Africa and why Africa must become one.


To instill the school going youth with purposeful knowledge and skills that will help them advocate for a united Africa”



Engaging young minds of African descent globally to;

• Bring them to the knowledge of purpose; how to be discovered and nurtured for a better Africa;

• Help them appreciate their origin and race;

• Develop their abilities into skills and energize them with their passion(s);

• Deliberately align their purpose towards achieving a progressive Africa.




In the quest to achieving a unified Africa, our focus is targeted at the  secondary school going children of the African descent in and outside Africa.



The objectives of this project are as follows:

• To encourage Pan-Africanism among students of African descent.

• To pass purposeful literature about Africa and Africans to Students.

• To empower the young with oratory, acting and performing skills.

• To inspire young minds towards nation building through Debates and performing Poetry and Drama.

• To ignite a solution oriented mindset by bringing awareness on various issues and challenges that will provide a fertile platform for effective use of their skills and passion.

• To inculcate the spirit of African brotherhood through integration and interaction of students to foster sustainability.



The effective execution of SIPIA will involve members of GPAN who are in the education domain especially teacher as promoters of the activities and a few others from the judicial and entertainment domain whose role will be to act as judges and train others as judges for a swift execution of these activities in Schools across Africa. The head of the education sector together with his committee will be in charge of the activities of SIPIA and all the people selected to work for SIPIA will be answerable to the head of the GPAN education sector officer to avoid deviation from the cause of the core objectives of the mother organization( GPAN).

The competitions can be organized every year or quarterly in every chapter targeting vibrant schools and we have the finals in one African city. The executive of GPAN can now take this opportunity to talk to the young people gathered for the finals to help them understand the core values and objectives of GPAN. This initiative may then spread to the upcountry schools with time depending on how it will have settled.



SIPIA shall come up with  two non-residential days for competitions and prior to that it will send trainers to the target school in the city centres( and in future to all major schools else where) to guide the learners on the expectations of GPAN’S during the competitions. Students will then be let alone by the organization to create their original Drama and poetry on the strictly guided theme(s) provided by GPAN’s Education sector. The resolutions for Debates shall also be given by the same Office. One school may be selected to host the Drama, poetry, essay writing and speech competitions in one day and a different school may also be selected to host Debate on a different day of the same term of study. The winning schools in the three major items; Debate, Drama and Poetry(which shall be together with speech and essay presentations) shall be awarded at the national level. The representatives in the Global competitions in these various items shall be selected from the participant schools and the chapter will help them make one team. The drama team may either compose a new play or take on a play of a school that won the national competitions. The debate team shall be given resolutions and thorough training will kick off.  Each of the selected participants in the poetry section can write his/her own poem still on the given themes. To avoid costs, the drama participants can be availed with the scripts in their various schools so that they train for their roles alone, the team can now come together for three residential days for final rehearsals and coordination. The poetry team can join them together with the debate team on the last night and then leave to the city hosting the global competitions the next day. Maybe to add on the selection of judges, one judge for each item may be hired to work with the organization’s judges.


SIPIA shall send invitation letters of participation to school who had purchased forms. The representatives can go during the term break if it favours all chapters. Time table for the event shall be published to the selected schools in due time.




The themes shall be determined by the education sector of GPAN and must be inline with the targets of the organization.


The activities to be included in the SIPIA;

• Acting Drama on stage.

• Debates and other Oratory duels.

• performing Poetry and delivering speeches on given themes.

• Talks from the chapter leadership and awarding of the best schools.

As an evaluative measure, all projects will be followed up and necessary assistance will be provided to ensure that teenagers are actively involved in their community development with sustainability in view. Pictorial evidences will be sent to us for periodic measure of growth of the project in our host schools and communities. An open line will be given; through which the participants can reach out to us or host organization for intellectual support, mentorship, and structural advice for personal growth.


                                                                       PROGRESSIVE ACTION

In the quest to ensure a purpose-driven and solution oriented young generation in preparation for a brighter future in the host country and across the African continent, learning centres will be set up to incorporate students across the continents for a stipulated period ranging from a week to three months of free (all expense paid) training in area of passion and skill. Subjects of leadership, purposeful living, vision and goal setting as well as African history will be incorporated into the training programme



    For more information, contact:

  1. Dimeji Sodeke: +2348165948893

International Education Envoy GPAN


Facebook: Sodeke Oladimeji

Instagram: @dimejavu

Twitter: @dimejavu


  1. Bwambale Kened : +256781981180


Facebook: Kennedy Shabughangise III






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