My Mother (Hadelina Hagabal) died at home Old Kwamki 7th October 2019.

My Mother (Hadelina Hagabal) died at home Old Kwamki 7th October 2019.

The suppression by Indonesian government in West Papua takes many forms from spying, to drug overdose in the hospitals, food poisoning, and many secret and deceptive acts well paid, planned, organized and carried out by the Indonesian military. West Papuans as a result are dying every day in hospitals throughout West Papua. The 57 years West Papua conflict does not produce 100 fatalities per year but through these secretive tactics West Papuans are losing more lives every year which the indigenous population are in danger of extinction. The information on these secretive activities has been kept within the West Papua community due to lack of investigation, research and media attention.

The secretive acts of genocide should it be well researched and published may trigger UN intervention either with or without Indonesia’s consent. West Papuans everywhere should be informed to do more research on the subject including land exploitation, illegal logging, and illegal mining such that may trigger UN to intervene based on human rights grounds. West Papua still remains isolated in the eyes of the world because of the media ban that was imposed by the colonial government of Indonesia.

A well documented  food poisoning case in Timika in October 2019 provides an example of how West Papuans have been poisoned through food in the restaurants. Hadelina Hagabal and Gerentasia Hagabal were two recent victims of food poisoning by Indonesian intelligence against indigenous people of West Papua. John (not his real name for security reasons) on Saturday 5th of October travel from his place of work in Tembagapura to Timika town to visit his family. The narrative bellow is the translated and edited version from the original in Indonesian;

Timika West Papua 7th  October, 2019

Chronology of events (Translated from Indonesian) from the victim’s family (witness is the son of the victim employed by the Freeport McMoran Mining Company in Papua province)

On Saturday 5th of October, 2019 I arrived at our home located at Old kwamki at 2:50 p.m. I came down from Tembagapura that evening. Inside the house I saw four people (my mother, wife, and two younger siblings) lying helplessly in the living room, I splashed water on them with Aqua Water that I brought with me.  My mother was shocked and woke up from her sleep. She said “our children are sick because this morning we bought food in the restaurant near the sewer and eat so our body was sick”. I took the initiative to call my friends to take them to Mitra Society Hospital (RSMM) at SP 5.

When we arrived there (RSMM), the lights went out (power black out) so we returned home, when we arrived at home my wife Gerentasia Hagabal (24 years old) looked so helpless that on that same night (Saturday night) she died at home.

My mother was also in the same condition that my wife went through who felt so heavy when attending my wife’s funeral; on Monday 07-10-2019 I brought her back to RSMM (Mitra Masyarakat Hospital) SP 5. There after a while my mother also died in the night from the same sickness.

While my mother was at home, she vomited blood like my wife experienced earlier. My two younger siblings, Fery Hagabal (10 years old) and Fredy Hagaba (12 years old), had been well because they had been treated for two days at RSMM and on Thursday morning we took them home. I lost my mother and wife on the same week from the same illness.


So it is for the brothers and sisters who feel that they are black skin and curly hair to be careful in consuming ready-made or instant foods that are sold by irresponsible and unclear parties. Photos attached are my mother and wife’s burial and admittance in the hospital in Timika West Papua;

Photos below:

My wife’s burial at Old Kwamki cemetary on the 6th of October 2019

My mother admitted in the hospital.

Note: All of these happened within a period of two days from 6th October 2019 to 7th of October 2019.