Seven Papuan civilians were the latest victims of Indonesian military operations in the highlands of West Papua since December 2018. A mother and her year old child were among the three dead victims of the latest air and ground attacks in the village of Olen. On September 17th 2019 the West Papua National Liberation Army (WPNLA) reported that there was a combination of airstrikes and ground attacks by the Indonesian military on remote village of Olen in Ilaga district of Pucak regency in the highlands of Papua.


The attack took place between 16: 30 and 17: 00 local time using an attack helicopter and two armored vehicles consisting of more than 20 Indonesian military personnel who rained bullets indiscriminately into the village destroying houses and killing or wounding people in the process. The victims include Pekiman Wonda a civilian police locally known as (SATPOL) died instantly, a mother and her one year old child were among the three dead.