A Poem in memory of Arnold_C_Ap_ the fire of West Papua revolution through music.

By Jogjakarta AfricaMyStory His songs were the inspiration behind the foundation of “Black Brothers” after he was killed by the Indonesians on April 26th , 1984. Every year West Papua remember April 26th as Arnold Ap Day. The “Mambesak” band translated as the voice of the bird of paradise remains the fire that still burns […]

Badaru Basiru: The time is here

  Written By: Badaru Basiru AfricaMyStory What is often neglected in times of calm could willingly be opted for in times of trouble. The point in history at which Africa must, out of a daring necessity, unite may have come. And if the indices still read otherwise, then at what juncture the calls and aspirations […]


By Awine Theresa Atule Sitting in Berlin in the year 1884 through to 1885, Britain, France and Germany and other western nations portioned Africa mainly for their selfish benefits. A continent as rich and great as Africa had its destiny shaped out already. The people of Africa trying to recover from the pain of losing relatives […]

When Natural Hair is a Crime

By: Najar Nyakio Munyinyi Scalping our Childrens’ heads for Education?When I look at pictures of school kids in Kenyan schools, I am infuriated at a leadership that doesn’t begin to understand the trauma that it brandishes to it’s youth, let alone the emotional distress and anguish that is going to be with that child throughout […]

The death of patriotism and active citizenship within youths in Nigeria

Someone rightly said, “No one remains a patriot on an empty stomach”. Banking on today’s youth is like putting your hopes in a man with an amputated heart. It is no longer news that patriotism is long dead in Nigeria, especially among our youths. Nigeria is like a child abandoned in the cradle. No one […]


By Collet Foundation  Education can be defined as a form of learning in a formal or an informal setting under the guidance of a teacher, instructor or academic. It serves as the backbone of any nation in terms of social, economic and infrastructural growth. A country with a high level of quality education has reduced […]

COVID-19 four giveaways to Nigeria (1): Its time we fix the Health sector

By Abdulganiyu Omotosho My consistent and sudden religious marriage with Twitter has indeed begun to take a toll on my Vocabulary lessons. Forgive my use of “giveaway” for it has suddenly become more popular on the social media these days, especially twitter, with cases of real and fake giveaways. However, the one brought by COVID-19 […]