AU Chairperson H.E Cyril Ramaphosa- Extend The Nomination Deadline For The Position Of The Chairperson Of The African Union Commission Dear Sir, Global Pan Africanism Network and the United States of Africa demands that the deadline for the submissions of applications for the African Union Commission chairperson position be extended to allow 1,346,804,724 qualified Africans an equal opportunity to contest for this vital top job which is crucial in unification of Africa. The African […]

Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want

.¬† By Moono John Africa needs to act fast to realise the the blueprint of the Agenda 2063: the Africa We Want. Africa needs to exorcise the ghost of low self-esteem to fully realise the goals and aspirations of the Agenda 2063 The development of the whole of the African continent has been the narrative […]

Happy Birthday to the African Union

Happy Birthday to the African Union By John Moono 18 years ago at a conference held in Lusaka, Zambia at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre under the chairmanship of the Late President of Zambia His Excellency Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and several other heads of states and head of governments unanimously agreed and changed the Organization […]


  RE: GPAN Statement On Sacking of AU Ambassador to United States Dr Arikana Chihombori.     Global Pan Africanism Network strongly condemns the sacking of AU Ambassador to the United States for fearlessly standing for Africa and being very vocal in speaking against France exploitation and colonization of Africa. It came as a shocking […]

United States of Africa: 10 Reasons Why Africa MUST Unite

Introduction: United States of Africa Project campaign was founded by Daniel Mwambonu in 2016 inspired by the Dr.Kwame Nkrumah’s,Marcus Garvey¬† and Muammar Gaddafi struggles for a Unified Africa. Our mission is to reunite all people of African descent,advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world. Through Global Pan Africanism Network we are ceaselessly pursuing […]