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Human Rights

International Garifuna Council Est. 2019 1720 Lincoln Ave Suite #3 San Rafael, CA 94901 garinagugac@gmail.com   OPEN LETTER FROM THE GARIFUNA COMMUNITY RESIDING

STATEMENT BY SOUTHERN AFRICAN JOURNALISTS AND POLITICAL ACTORS ON FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS Fundamental human rights such as freedom of expression and access to information

UK Solidarity: British MP Anneliese Dodds Expresses her serious concern on worrying developments in West Papua.       Indonesia has deployed over

Emergency Alert on Humanitarian Crisis and the Need for UN Intervention to West Papua Now Since the 19th August anti-racism protest in West Papua there continues

As human beings in Jakarta are so much carried away by scheming, criminalizing, falsifying and blaming in fear of their own uncertain future due to their dark history

Ongoing genocides of the modern era – West Papua, Lumads, Chittagong Hill Tracts – and palm oil Little known to the vast majority of Americans, and

 GPAN STATEMENT ON HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN WEST PAPUA DATED: 16/09/2019 Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN) strongly condemns arrests of Papuan Activists

  The Indonesia military is carrying out acts of violence and terror against an innocent and unarmed population, say West Papuan activists. In an alleged attempt

RE: GPAN STATEMENT ON INDONESIA  OCCUPATION IN WEST PAPUA Global Pan Africanism Network is increasingly worried about the unimaginable brutality and excessive

  Image: West Papuan Human Rights Center A young West Papuan woman was taken into custody by Indonesian security forces after taking part in a peaceful protest

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