Papua Autonomy ends 2021; what’s next for Papua?

By Solidarity for Indigenous Papuans (SIP) Papua Autonomy was given on the basis of Law Number 21 of 2001 on Papua Autonomy alongside Law Number 18 of 2001 Aceh Autonomy establishing the two provinces as the autonomous provinces within the Republic of Indonesia. The two sister provinces with the two sister laws started off from […]

GPAN Statement on Human Rights Violations in West Papua

 GPAN STATEMENT ON HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN WEST PAPUA DATED: 16/09/2019 Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN) strongly condemns arrests of Papuan Activists by Indonesian security forces in an attempt to cover up the black genocide in West Papua. Indonesia has displayed aggression towards West Papua and even went ahead to launch a military warfare against Indigenous people […]


RE: GPAN STATEMENT ON INDONESIA  OCCUPATION IN WEST PAPUA Global Pan Africanism Network is increasingly worried about the unimaginable brutality and excessive use of force by Indonesian security forces in West Papua. West Papuans tired of colonialism and Indonesian occupation have came out in thousands to protest against colonial rule. As the protest enters day […]

History of West Papua and journey towards Independence:UN MUST RECOGNIZE WEST PAPUA

    History of West Papua and journey towards Independence: UN MUST RECOGNIZE WEST PAPUA   Morning Star Flag was an historical evidence that West Papua ( West New Guinea/Netherlands New Guinea self-determination /chose Independence on December 1,1961 not under Indonesia Administration nor Integration with an Independent Country -Indonesia. According to United Nations Resolution 1541-1960 […]